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5 of the Worst Places to Use Your Favorite Cleaning Product

Updated: Jul 28

Due to the shelter in place order, many of us have extra time to tackle those to-do lists that have been gathering dust. As we limit our travel to essential, we're also making due with what we have on hand. So today's post is an attempt to save the time & money you'd spend by learning from experience.

We LOVE white vinegar. It's probably our essential green cleaning ingredient. The acidity helps us clean grime from bathrooms, adds shine to glass and also kills bacteria. But we've discovered quite a few things for which it should never be used, or used sparingly. And since we KNOW that you guys are using your time at home to clean 😏, please read over these suggestions and check that you aren't making these mistakes. Thank us later.


If you've run out of counter cleaner - leave the vinegar alone. Believe me, Dawn on a damp microfiber towel does wonders on your countertop. The acidity in vinegar breaks down the finish and sticks into the stone's pores, which after time will dull your shiny countertop. A mildly abrasive scrub pad with Dawn will get rid of any spots or stains.

Stainless steel appliances

Have you noticed any rust spots on your small appliances? These are caused by high-acidity cleaning solutions, which corrode most metals. Large appliances are typically  made with higher grade stainless steel than small appliances, but as a rule of thumb we never use vinegar. An eco-conscious stainless steel cleaner and elbow grease does the trick (wipe in one direction to avoid streaks)!


Whether hardwood or stone tiles, mopping with vinegar does more harm to the finish, dulling and eventually breaking down the ...Also, many flooring manufacturers will not honor the warranty if there are signs of vinegar use.

Electronic screens

When cleaning electronic screens like your computer, smartphone, tablet or TV, always apply the cleaner to the cloth and never to the device!

This is especially important to note as we work to prevent the spread of germs: use neither vinegar nor alcohol on your screens. Use of either will damage the anti-glare property and make the touch screen less responsive. Water on a microfiber cloth is sufficient to remove dust or fingertips. In case of stubborn spots, add a drop of dish soap and spot clean.

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