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COVID-19 - What exactly is a Deep Clean?

Updated: Jul 19

If you're like us, the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of reaction with the closure of schools and most businesses and trying to determine how to move forward through the quarantine. Glenn & I had to have a tough talk about whether we would temporarily close our business to protect our family, or continue offering support to your families and what that would look like with BILLS still due. I'm sure some of you have had similar considerations. What we decided was to look past the frenzy and educate ourselves on Coronavirus and the implications of the viral outbreak.

The CDC outlines Coronavirus as a disease attacking the respiratory system through  person to person transmission of infected droplets from a sneeze or cough which the other person then inhales. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also report that though COVID-19 is not mainly transferred through touch, it is possible that infected droplets can make their way to the lungs if transferred from surfaces. It is not known at this time how long the virus remains active on surfaces.

This time is critical - with immuno-repressed and elderly at greatest risk, our response is to assist in keeping our community healthy. Since we decided that we would offer cleaning service during this outbreak, our phones have been ringing with requests for a "deep cleaning". We've had requests for "heat sterilization", "decontamination" and "COVID Cleans", with very few guidelines from callers on how to prevent the spread of this disease. We've been handling requests from businesses also deemed essential, and who have remained open during this time: banks, convenience and grocery stores, homes for the elderly and from those who hope to reopen soon; educational institutions and realtors offices.


What we've offered them is what the CDC prescribes: a soap & water clean (with attention to ALL areas, not only high touch surfaces), followed by disinfection with a product on the EPA list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Although we love our residential clients, we don't recommend hiring a house cleaner during this time. With testing for Coronavirus still limited, and an incubation period of 2-12 days we think it most effective to keep homes closed to all but your immediate members. But we wanted to give a few pointers on cleaning to keep your home healthy:

  • Use soap & water to wash all hard surfaces first. Washing is always the first step of decontamination. A four gallon bucket (or any container that you have around the house) with household disinfectant, castile soap and water has been perfect. 

  • After washing, spray a disinfectant with attention to the "dwell" time. This is the amount of time that a particular solution needs to sit on a surface in order to remove the bacteria. 

  • Dependent on the disinfectant used, it may need to be wiped again. A solution of bleach & water (5 tablespoons to one gallon) may be used if those on the list are unavailable due to the high demand. There's no need to go looking for something stronger. Stay safe inside. 

  • Use a different cleaning cloth for each area or room.

  • Soft surfaces (especially high traffic and common areas, like the sofa) may be shampooed and also disinfected (of course not with the bleach solution). We spot-clean with alcohol for microsuede sofas.

We hope that everyone is keeping safe and using this extra time to enrich their lives in whatever way you choose. We're sending special prayers to medical professionals and those in service. Stay safe and wash your hands.  

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