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How We Create SuperHosts

Achieving Superhost status on AirBnB is the single most effective way to increase your net income with your vacation rental property. A Superhost badge is a game changer for your booking because it changes how guests view your place.

Guests book exclusively with Superhosts because this means that you have been vetted as exceptional in guest satisfaction ,hospitality and communication︎. They know that booking with a Superhost guarantees a great experience. AirBnB requires a 4.8-star average in satisfaction for one year, and the key to retaining your average is responding to booking requests and receiving great reviews. Seasoned hosts know that there are many components to ensure those two requirements and managing it all can often leave you burning at both ends.

Because we fashion ourselves a "boutique service", we're happy to help you manage the odds & ends often assigned to a property manager or co-host. We'll keep inventory of and replenish your grocery staples, launder & ensure there are extra linens, offer guest greetings and compile a welcome book for your unit. Your place will always be ready for the next guest with minimal time spent taking calls or even physically visiting your units.

A Seamless Strategy

  • All requirements set by local government and AirBnB are implemented and added to our cleaning checklist. Since being impacted by Coronavirus, we've updated our process to ensure each touchpoint is properly sanitized and disinfected to keep your guests safe.

  • We use the same apps as our hosts to keep on top of quick updates. We're also working our own app that will automate most of the process: alert us of last-minute bookings, allow real-time communication between cleaner and host, keep a checklist of inventory and groceries and submit before & after pics at each turnover. Immediate concerns like lost keys or damage to your property will be communicated at arrival through the app so that no time is wasted recouping fees.

  • We keep invoicing simple by charging a flat rate for our services, with several options for remittance.

Spend Less Time Managing while Increasing Revenue

Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours: no headaches. We think that we've found a sweet spot by automating as much as possible, so that you spend less time managing while increasing revenue. Let's watch your five-star ratings increase with the help of the reliable cleaning service helping Hosts become Superhosts.

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