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Initial Deep Cleaning

You'll love the fresh smell of your home when you return!
Our process leaves your home clean and smelling fresh. We concentrate on the areas needing the most attention: your kitchen and bathroom. Here's a breakdown of what we do in each room:
Living and Dining Room:
Spray and wipe all tables and surfaces
Wipe baseboards
Sweep, vacuum or mop floors and floor coverings
Clean stove top and counters
Wipe exterior of refrigerator, appliance and cabinets
Clean sink
Sweep and mop floor
Disinfect toilet, including base
Clean shower walls and bathtub
Wipe sink counter and inside bowl
Wipe baseboards
Mop floor
Entry and Hallways:
Wipe baseboards
Disinfect light switches and doorknobs
Sweep, vacuum or mop floors and floor coverings

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